Business Description

Selmet, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of complex, small to medium-sized titanium investment castings serving the aerospace and defense industries. Utilizing a centrifugal casting process, Selmet produces more than five hundred titanium parts including engine components, torque plates for landing gear, bearing housings and other airframe components. Selmet is one of four primary suppliers of titanium aerospace and defense castings in the United States.   


Selmet has significantly expanded production capacity with the construction of a chemical milling facility and a new 60,000 sq. ft. finishing building, along with other initiatives underway to increase capacity and revenue. Selmet has also enhanced business infrastructure, supported initiatives to optimize production flow, lean manufacturing, and working capital opportunities, and emphasized workforce scalability, including onboarding and training. 

Add-On Acquisition Criteria

Selmet is interested in add-on acquisitions that enhance and add strategic machining and manufacturing capabilities.

In July 2014, Selmet acquired Onamac Industries, a leading machining provider based in Everett, WA.

In February 2015, Selmet acquired Western Metrology, a small titanium casting inspection and machine shop based in Wilsonville, OR.